Why I got involved in politics

Through getting involved in community groups such as Playground Committee, Community Crèche Action Group and Community Council as well as my local Residents' Association, I realised that I really enjoyed helping others and trying to come up with solutions to the problems facing our community.

I also, through my work in education, set up volunteering opportunities for students and community organisations that really needed support and I learned that it is important for us to engage and to work together whether at local or county level.

I am interested in people's stories and enjoy working hard to serve others as best I can.

My priorities

  • The shortage of childcare education provision,
  • The lack of social and affordable housing,
  • Supporting parents in securing school places for their children,
  • The lack of recreational and social amenities for young people,
  • Creating equality of access to higher and further education,
  • The lack of adequate health services,
  • Improving accessibility to support people with disabilities

My background

I am a County Councillor on Kildare County Council with a strong mandate to represent the people for a more fair, equal and empowered community.

Driven by a keen sense of social justice, I have always worked hard in my professional and personal life to help others in any way I can. Through my many years working in education, I understand the importance of education as a force of change and improvement for people’s lives.

I am a fluent speaker of Gaeilge and French and having worked abroad understand the importance of cultural awareness for better social cohesion. Having been a working mother of three, I am very aware of the need to better support women in the workplace through improved childcare education services and equal pay.

Finally, as a woman in politics, I want to encourage other women to engage in politics and to work hard to promote diversity and fairness.

Clubs and Committees

  • Vice Chair of Kildare County Council Finance Committee
  • Member of Strategic Policy Committee on Transportation, Roads and
  • Emergency Services, KCC
  • Member of KWETB
  • Constituency Chair Labour Kildare North
  • Executive of Labour Women
  • Peace Commissioner