Why I got involved in politics

As a lifelong community activist, I am a director on the Board of the Kinnegad Combined Community Employment Scheme and its treasurer.

This scheme has employees placed with the Tidy Towns, GAA, soccer clubs, pitch and putt, Community Centres and office administration. I am Chair of the local Tidy Towns Committee, the local youth No Name Club and the St Joseph’s Hall Committee which is currently undergoing a redevelopment study.

I assist the Playground Committee as assistant secretary, the Christmas Lights Committee and my Residents Committee. More recently I have been active and partaking in the feasibility and introduction of the looped bag walk.

My priorities

Rochfortbridge, with easy  access to the M6 motorway has grown over the last decade or so. This growth has brought many new families to the area and local schools, social and sporting activities have extra resource pressures to cater for this positive growth. The area has suffered from the loss of bus connectivity, banking and access to medical attendants. These are immediate priorities for the community along with continued provision of social and affordable housing for the young generation.

The continuation / reintroduction of local services provision (such as shops, schools, pre-school facilities, community halls or centres; medical centres etc) are necessary to maintain the attractiveness of Rochfortbridge to attract and retain a critical mass of population. Biodiversity and local heritage projects are required to enhance our community to attract visitors to explore and spend locally. 

Rochfortbridge and Milltownpass with high levels of population growth and a weak employment base which are reliant on other areas for employment and/or services require targeted ‘catch up’ investment to become more self-sustaining. Local environmental issues are important to me and the recent announcement of the Rhode Green Energy Park will require careful consideration and input on behalf of the residents of Rochefortbridge due to its proximity. I will continue to press local government and engage with the elected council officials to ensure that our community is not further disadvantaged.

My background

 I have chosen to continue to represent my community in the Rochfortbridge – Kinnegad area as Labour Local Area Representative because of my lifelong commitment to this community. I am a social and outgoing person who has a long proud family history of Labour activism.

Being a resident of Rochfortbridge all my life, I enjoy helping with and advocating community issues to ensure that the village and surrounds are enhanced to keep it a pleasant community to live and work in. So, it is an easy choice to continue this advocacy as a member of the Labour Party, former Chair of the Local Branch and as a Local Area Representative for all the community.