Ciara Galvin

Kildare North
More about me

Why I got involved in politics

I first got involved in politics, as I believe it is one of the best ways anyone can help fix the many issues we face in Ireland.

My priorities

My top priority as a Labour Councillor in Celbridge-Leixlip is to represent the needs and wants of our community to the best of my ability.

I help a lot of people with individual or other local issues, such as (but not limited to):

- housing issues

- public lighting

- tree-related queries

- problems with footpaths, cycle-paths and roads

I am also happy to take a look at other issues people approach me with, and help local groups access funding where I can.

My background

I was first elected in 2019, going from "couch to council" after a 6 week campaign - with my then four month old daughter in a sling for most of it. I was and am very grateful to every single person who supported my campaign, and made the win possible.

Since I was elected in 2019 I have been actively pursuing an outdoor youth facility for our area, which we have now set aside €100,000 for and are making exciting progress on.

I also regularly raise the need for better playgrounds, parks, parklets, and other amenities in our area (swimming pool, dog park), as well as improvements to infrastructure such as foot- and cycle-paths to make active travel (mainly walking and cycling) safer - particularly near schools. Safer options for active travel in our town will help tackle climate change and ease Celbridge's chronic traffic congestion as well.

I sit on Kildare's Climate Action Committee, Joint-Policing Committee, and Decade of Commemorations committee.

Some other issues I have been working on:

- A new schools campus for CCS, St. Patrick's NS, and St. Raphael's Special School

- Celbridge's second bridge

- Re-opening of Celbridge's second public playground in The Abbey

- The need for the HSE to reinstate Celbridge's Primary Care Psychology service

- Improvements needed to public transport locally (specifically the "Complain Campaign", and submissions on Bus Connects and Dart+ programmes)

- Addressing the childcare crisis, in particular by supporting the SIPTU Big Start campaign and pushing for more childcare places in new housing developments

In my day job I work as a trade union official, supporting individual workers facing issues such as bullying and harassment in work.

Clubs and Committees

  • Celbridge Labour Party branch,
  • Kildare North Labour Party Executive,
  • Celbridge-Leixlip Municipal District,
  • Celbridge Youth Facility Steering Group,
  • Celbridge-Leixlip Playgrounds and Youth Facilities committee,
  • Kildare Climate Action SPC,
  • Kildare Joint Policing Committee,
  • Decade of Commemorations committee,
  • ICTU Youth Committee

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