Why I got involved in politics

I have been an activist all my adult life. While in college in Dublin's Animations school in Ballyfermot in the late 90's I co-founded the first students union in a college of Further Education in Ireland. Since then, I have campaigned for social change across society including Marriage Equality, Repeal the 8th, Raise the Roof, Climate Strike, and more. I am a feminist and progressive. I believe in equality and fairness in our society and I believe that we can achieve meaningful change. The Labour Party has always been the natural place for my vote, and my voice. 

In 2020 due to Covid, having worked at Dublin Airport for almost 20 years, I was made redundant. It was time for a change. Time to get more involved in making change happen. I decided it was time to become more active in politics. Having first joined Labour in 2010, I became active again in playing my part in realising the Labour vision for a fairer and more equal Ireland.

My priorities

As a newly co-opted Councillor for Drogheda Urban in the seat previously won by Paul Bell, my priorities are first and foremost getting out and about meeting and talking to the people of Ballsgrove, Rathmullan, Marian Park and all across the town. To listen to and help the hard working, wonderful people of Drogheda.

We have a fantastic team in Louth Labour, and working alongside my Labour Colleagues, Ged Nash TD, Mayor Michelle Hall, Cllr Pio Smith, and in East Meath Cllr Elaine McGinty, in helping to make our town the best it can be to raise a family in, work in, do business in and socialize in.

As a mother of two young children with additional needs, I am also passionate to work on raising awareness and highlighting the issues in the town with the availability of childcare and educational supports, especially for children with additional needs, and the challenges for families in gaining access to assessments and therapeutic supports for children in Drogheda and surrounding areas. 

My background

I originally grew up in the north suburbs of Dublin. My family moved to the east Meath area in the 90s. I was married inside the historic Millmount tower in 2013. In 2017, We moved to Drogheda with our firstborn baby, having briefly experienced homelessness.

I worked in Dublin airport as a front line shift worker in various roles including in security screening. While working there, I studied a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and since leaving have successfully been awarded a Masters (MSc) in International Business and Law with a research focus on GDPR.

I am a mother of two young children with ASD and am engaged in working cooperatively and collaboratively to improve diagnosis, therapeutic support and social assistance for autistic people and their families. I have first hand experience of the current primary care systems and supports, CDNT system and supports, Assessment of Needs process, DCA, accessing public and private speech and language, occupational therapy and psychology services for children.

Clubs and Committees

  • Boyne RFC
  • Chairperson of Louth & East Meath Labour
  • Vice-chair of Labour Women
  • Policy Co-Ordinator for Labour Equality
  • Proud SIPTU member & Activist