Why I got involved in politics

Our Town and County need a strong individual to represent and articulate the concerns and needs of our citizens. I feel I am the person to be the voice of the people in our community and the wider business environment.

I would be well known in the Mullingar and District business community, having been involved in many groups and organisations over the years and I have built up a strong rapport and trust with individuals and organisations.

I would class myself as a strong, honest and hard-working individual. As an employer myself, I believe I am the person who will articulate and present Labour values to the people of our constituency to gain their support.

As Mullingar is a satellite town to Dublin and the greater Leinster area, I feel this region has been left behind and we need a strong person like myself to push this agenda forward and gain Government support to attract investment in our locality. I want to be the face of change in this locality and give our young people hope and employment which is vital to the life blood of our constituency.

I see on a daily basis the struggles that people are going through regarding housing, high rents, and other social issues that has such a negative impact. I want to tackle the bureaucracy attached to these problems and help resolve them with a clear vision.

A Labour vision for all citizens, equality for all citizens.

My priorities

Employment is critical. All citizens are entitled to a work for a proper living wage at the very least. The IDA & Enterprise Board need to look at our infrastructure, talent pool and location and seek strong investment in this locality. I would welcome the opportunity to help move this agenda forward.

In the area of housing, every human being has a right to a place they can call home; from there, a person can build their life, it’s a foundation. Our citizens are being cast aside by successive governments. Homelessness has never been higher. People are tired of lip service, we need action immediately.

We need to tackle local authorities on issues of land banks, social houses lying idle, planning permission process being far to slow, this needs to be streamlined. Young people are being prohibited from gaining mortgages, it is impossible for them to get onto the property ladder. I feel we need to address this issue with Government to help our citizens.

Rent freeze both in private and commercial property.

People with disabilities are being left behind. These individuals are being cast aside by both corporates and SME’s. While they claim to be compliant, an audit should be carried out to see how compliant they really are? They need to be treated as equals in our society.

My background

I am a publican in Mullingar Town where I have lived all my life. I’m married to Mary and have one son, Billy. I run a successful business, employing 10 full-time staff.

I am currently Chairman of the Mullingar & District VFI and also sit on the National Executive Council of the VFI. I am very active in all issues pertaining to the hospitality industry which is going through extremely difficult times currently.

I have been involved in many local committees during my lifetime:

  • President of Mullingar Choral Society,
  • Founding member of Mullingar Theatre Lab,
  • Mullingar Batchelor Committee,
  • St. Patricks Day Parade Committee,
  • Rail Theatre,
  • Mullingar Panto Group,
  • Mullingar Charity Variety,
  • Member of O.N.E. (Organisation of National Ex-Service Men & Women),
  • New recruited member of Saplings Board of Management.

Having joined Labour last year, I feel I am the person who could articulate and present Labour values to the people of this locality and gain their support.

Clubs and Committees

  • Chairman of VFI,
  • Board Member of National Executive of the VFI,
  • Board Member Saplings,
  • Member O.N.E. (Organisation of National Ex-Service Men & Women)