Why I got involved in politics

From a very young age I was acutely aware of, and aggrieved by, the economic and social injustices that existed in both the local community, and the wider world.

By the time I entered University, it was clear to me that the only recourse for this was going to be through left wing politics in the political sphere, and strong trade unions in the economic one.

My priorities

Some of my priorities include:

  • Local Government Reform,
  • Tackling the housing crisis.
  • Fighting for a living wage and worker’s rights and for all those in the type of precarious, seasonal and/or low paid work situations that have come to characterise our local economy in Kerry.
  • Fighting to ensure young people and adults with special needs get the support they need and deserve from their local community.

My background

In-between working in the hospitality industry for 12 years, I graduated from UCC with a joint honour in History and Politics and ran in the local elections for the Labour Party in 2019.

I have served as Constituency chair for Kerry, on the Labour Youth National Executive and with the party's Trade Union Section.