Ireland Needs a Pay Rise

Ireland is a high cost, and for too many, also a low wage economy. This is putting huge pressures on working people and families, and something has to give.
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Ireland Needs a Pay Rise

Inflation is at record levels, prices are rising, and costs are rapidly increasing for families.  People are worried.

They are worried about the next unexpected bill that comes in the door. They are worried about having to bring a sick child to the doctor. No parent should have to think twice about this.

Energy prices, food, transport, utilities, housing – across the board price rises are being passed on, and people are being left with less, or not able to afford essential items.

We need more State led actions and interventions to meet the real needs of our struggling communities.

The reality is that the government response to the cost-of-living crisis simply does not go far enough.


That is why Labour believes that Ireland needs a pay rise.


A national pay rise means putting money back in the pockets of those who need it most. It means ensuring that monthly or weekly wages will go further.

It means implementing an effective universal pay rise by increasing the minimum wage – but it also means targeting the enormous costs faced by so many households.

If you agree that Ireland Needs A Pay Rise complete our questionnaire here and join us in our campaign today.

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