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End Vacancy Now!

Too many homes are lying empty across the country. Let’s do something about it.

End Vacany now!

Labour's Reproductive Leave Bill

Click below to read about Labour’s Reproductive Leave Bill.

Labour's Reproductive Leave Bill

Renters Rights

We need to redress the power imbalance that exists between renters and landlords. Labour want to bring our rental laws into the 21st century so that renters can make their house their home.
More on Renter's Rights

Right to Flexible Work

We saw the impact flexible work had during the pandemic to broaden the labour market base, particularly for women, people with disabilities and younger workers. Labour believe everyone should have a right to flexible work.

More on Right to Flexible Work
Labour's Autism Bill

Labour's Autism Bill

On Wednesday, 29th June, the Dáil will debate Labour’s Autism Bill 2022.

Find out more.


This Government is failing on drug policy. Labour believes in a system in decriminalisation and taking a health led approach. It’s time to take problem drug use out of the courts and wrap supports around people who need help.


Labour's Budget for 2024

Click the link below to see Labour’s Budget strategy for 2024.

Labour's Budget for 2024

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