The Labour Party celebrates its 110 year anniversary

The 28th May marks the 110th anniversary of the Labour Party.

In 1912 James Connolly proposed a motion that the Irish Congress of Trade Unions should establish a political wing. The motion, supported by William O’Brien and James Larkin, was passed and led to the formation of the Labour Party.

To commemorate our long and proud 110 year history, we have produced this short video which you can take a look at here.

We have also posted each Labour member a pin of the starry plough and a selection of some great Labour campaign posters from throughout our 110 year history.  Please share a photo of your postcard selection on social media. Every member has received 3 from a selection of 9 – which ones did you get?

Today the Labour Party continues the fight to enhance working conditions for workers, we fight for the right to a living wage, for the right to engage in collective bargaining and in remote working; and for the right to sick pay and reproductive health leave.   

As Labour Party members, we believe in the good that the state can and should do. We believe that the State can be a powerful force for good – and that we need an active, interventionist public sphere to create a fairer and more equal Ireland.  

That is the role of the Labour Party. It was our role 110 years ago, and it is still our role today. 

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