Labour Equality becomes Labour Intercultural - Annie Waithira Burke

As we all know, at Conference it was voted that Labour Equality will be rebranded and will be known as Labour Intercultural.

Labour Intercultural is open to everyone who has a passion and wants to work with and for persons from minority groups including the Traveller community. Still concentrating on the 9 grounds of discrimination, LI will work hard to provide information, educate, advocate and be a major point of contact in situations that affect our diverse community. We will also feed into the parties policies and procedures as we become a voice for such groups that feel that they are not represented. We will encourage and assist those of diverse backgrounds to be actively involved in the party and hope to increase participation and representation in the Councils, Dail and Seanad. 

The Labour Intercultural executive board has worked hard to get the constitution drafted and completed. We have been working towards getting the section up and running with our first action being to hold our AGM. 

The AGM will be held on the Saturday 1st of July at the Labour Party Head Office from 1pm to 5pm.This gathering promises to be insightful and powered towards aiding the party member, LAR and elected reps with working and dealing with diverse groups and issues that affect them. The panel discussion:  


Topic:-“Building Cultural Communication that works” Cultural awareness and competency. 

You are all welcome and we encourage you to get involved. 

You can reach us by email or phone. 

Email- [email protected] 

Phone- 089 269 5123 


– Annie Waithira Burke

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