Labour LGBTQ+ demonstration in Dublin

Earlier this month, Dublin saw hundreds of LGBTIQ activists and allies take to the streets to march and speak against the hateful rhetoric of anti-trans activists.

The demonstration, largely organised by Dublin Trans & Intersex Pride, saw great numbers of public support, with some commentators stating that the trans activists outnumbered the other side some 5:1.  

Among the crowds were many Labour activists, including Local Area Representative for Dublin’s South-East Inner City and community activist for over 30 years, Eddie McGuinness, who said “We wanted to send a very clear message that we oppose the transphobia, misinformation about trans healthcare, and those from the far right who support them. Ireland is not like the UK. It is still the case that the leading women’s organisations and wider community in Ireland support the trans community here. While there may be a tiny minority of members in the LGBTQ+ community here who don’t stand with the trans community the majority do, and we believe there is no LGBTQ+ without the T. It’s about true education, love and full equality.” 

As important as it is to speak out against and combat those who want to attack our trans siblings, we must also look at their intended goals. A key aim of many of these anti-transgender activists is to repeal legislation brought in by Labour such as the Gender Recognition Act 2015. As the party of equality, we cannot allow this to happen and we must push forward in the face of intimidation. We must remember that transgender healthcare in Ireland is ranked as the worst in Europe, with those seeking adequate treatment subjected to year long waiting lists and having to travel abroad to seek gender affirming care. Our decades of solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community must continue and we cannot rest until we achieve full equality for all members of our community. Trans Rights are Human Rights. 

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