Labour Youth Freshers week

A big welcome to all new members and massive thanks to all those who reached out to help!

The month of September is always one of the busiest of the year for Labour Youth. Over the course of a few weeks every year we mobilise across the country bringing banners and flags, sign up forms and goodies, leaflets, smiles and the ideals of democratic socialism to the next generation of youths and changemakers of tomorrow.

Labour Youth has been hard at work manning the university fresher’s stalls in every corner of the country from 9-5, running iconic events such as mojito night and launching new Youth branches in Cork and Louth. We are delighted to announce the DCU and Trinity branches have been re-established with great success. With help from members old and new, visits from Reps’, Councillors, TDs and Ivana herself manning join in on manning stalls and chatting with sign-ups – there is a fresh sense of growth and renewal in Labour Youth not felt since pre-covid. The culmination of work by successive NYE’s to gently coax Labour Youth’s post-covid recovery is beginning to fruit, but this is only the beginning of the next chapter.

Now more than ever we need to empower the youth and ensure our voices are heard.¬† We must each do our part and duty to achieve that empowerment. The importance of a healthy and supported youth wing cannot be understated.Whether it’s supporting youth candidates, lending your skills and experience, financial support, emotional backing and solidarity.

All are needed to support the new generation in the fight against injustice, against the spread of hatred and rise of the far right in Ireland. There are many issues we want to address and apply pressure to the government to prioritise namely  our champion campaign of Decrim, Equal day for Equal pay, and our freeze the rent campaign. And also our climate and biodiversity issues.

We urge the youth of Ireland to not sit back and watch the world burn. We must each take our place in that fight until we own everything from the plough to the stars.

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