Vote YES YES on 8th March

The Labour Party is calling for a double yes vote on Friday 8th March.

We know that the current language in our Constitution does not reflect the many types of families in today’s Ireland. The narrow definition of family has caused much hurt over many decades and has been used to exclude people from State supports.  The proposed constitutional amendment on family is the result of campaigning over many years by our Party leader and many others in the Labour Party who sought to broaden the definition of family in the Constitution. 

On care, it would be fair to say that it’s no secret that the Labour Party believes that what the government is proposing is a missed opportunity to make a comprehensive commitment on care.  But our politics is about making a material difference to people’s lives and I am very conscious there are almost 300,000 unpaid carers out there who toil day in, day out with little or no recognition.  

Crucially the proposed amendment states that the State will strive to support the provision of care within the family, and we in Labour, will use this to fight for better supports for those who provide and receive care in the home. 

Labour candidates and representatives have been linking in with local canvassing teams over the past few weeks and we know how vital it is to keep this going in order to get the vote out next week.  

Let’s seize this opportunity to modernise our Constitution. Together, let’s build a future where care is valued, families are recognised, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

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