Our rural communities are being left behind

15 May 2019

Speaking at the launch of the Labour Party’s new policy on Rural Ireland in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, European Parliament candidate for Ireland South Sheila Nunan outlined her proposals to deliver a Green New Deal, supporting the rural economy, providing a rural transport guarantee, and ensuring decent connectivity.

Sheila said:

“Across our rural heartlands in Ireland South, I have heard directly from people about the challenges they face and the concerns they have. Supporting the rural economy is essential to do this. Labour is committing to a publicly owned broadband network and we believe such an investment would be compliant with EU state aid rules. But it’s not just broadband we need, it’s decent mobile coverage too. All mobile phone operators should be obliged to guarantee a minimum level of good coverage.

“Electing an MEP that understands this, and is prepared to work within the Parliament to deliver investment, support and the radical change we need is necessary.

“Europe plays a critical role in supporting our farmers through the Common Agricultural Policy and the thousands of jobs it supports in the agri-food industry. Labour is proposing common-sense policies to support communities from land to sea. That’s why the existential threat of climate change must be addressed.

“The climate emergency is now, and to secure a just transition we need a Green New Deal. The challenge we face is to get Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions down from 60 million tonnes a year to 33 million by 2030 and to effectively zero by 2050, but also ensuring jobs and livelihoods are protected.

“Labour is the party most focused on practical actions that will ultimately reduce people’s cost of living and increase the quality of life. Change is never easy, but with vision, we can make Ireland’s economy fairer as well as more sustainable, and that would be the best gift we can leave for our children.”

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