Three compelling reasons to vote Labour on Friday

23 May 2019

Speaking in advance of the local and European elections, Brendan Howlin TD, leader of the Labour Party, said that there are three compelling reasons to vote this Friday.

Brendan said: “It is important for the health of our public life and our democracy that people make the effort to vote in every election and referendum. Voting will take place between 7am and 10pm on Friday, which hopefully gives everyone enough time to vote between work and other commitments.

“But there are three compelling reasons why it is even more important than ever to vote this Friday.

“Firstly, Ireland needs a new direction for social and economic policy. The Fine Gael-Fianna Fáil government arrangement has lost its way, and is not dealing properly with the pressing issues like housing, health services and workers’ need for a pay rise. There is a need for real change, and Labour is offering a fresh start for progressive politics in Ireland.

“Secondly, the threat of the UK leaving the European Union hasn’t gone away. It won’t all happen in one go. There will be a constant need for new laws and regulations, and for action to respond to the negative consequences of Brexit for jobs and the economy. We need the best people elected to local government as well as to the European Parliament in order to deal with all of the problems that Brexit is going to cause Ireland.

“Thirdly, Europe is threatened by the rise of far right parties. This is also the first election where I have seen racism and xenophobia enter the mainstream. We can’t be silent on this issue. Labour will stand up for migrants in Ireland, just as Labour has always stood up for Irish migrants abroad. People need to vote to ensure democratic politicians have the upper hand in the European Parliament, not populists and extremists.

“Labour has put forward 111 excellent candidates, right across Ireland, who are serious, committed people who will work hard to serve their communities in these challenging times: 50 of them are first-time candidates, while 37 are sitting councillors and others have some experience of politics.

“Labour’s European candidates are three experienced, energetic champions for workers’ rights and social progress: Dominic Hannigan (Midlands North-West), Sheila Nunan (South), and Alex White (Dublin). All three would be formidable champions for Ireland in the European Parliament.”



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