Realising large scale local authority built public housing in our city will be our biggest challenge

02 July 2019

Commenting on her election as chairperson of the Dublin City Council Housing Strategic Policy Committee, Labour Councillor for Artane-Whitehall, Alison Gilliland has said housing will be one of the greatest challenges over the next five years in our capital city.

Councillor Gilliland said:

“I am delighted to have been elected by my colleagues to chair the Dublin City Council Housing Strategic Policy Committee. Providing sustainable, quality public housing on a scale to meet our city’s needs will be one of our greatest challenges over the term of this Council.

“While we have some major building projects in train in the city progress is too slow to meet housing needs in the timely manner that is required. It takes far too long for projects to move from conception to realisation due to the cumbersome and protracted project approval process between Dublin City Council and the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. This must change and I call on the Minister to trust our Council and give it the autonomy, capacity and funding it needs to ramp up building to a scale appropriate to needs.

“Another challenge we face is bringing vacant spaces, particularly those over shops, in to productive use. I will work with my colleagues and Council Officials to establish a one-stop-shop facility to provide advice and support in navigating regulations and best practice in planning, fire safety, design and energy sustainability so as to enable owners of such units to bring these units into use.

“I intend building on the work done by the Housing SPC during the last Council and working with my colleagues and Council Official to meet these challenges head on and deliver enhanced housing supply and housing security for the citizens of out city.”


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