Time for HSE to be upfront about recruitment freeze

10 July 2019

Labour Health spokesperson, Alan Kelly TD, has called on the HSE to end their recruitment unofficial recruitment embargo.

Deputy Kelly said:

“Months after I revealed that there is a recruitment embargo in the HSE, it is clear that the HSE are still leading people up the garden path when it comes to filling jobs.

“We know through the HSE that they put “controls” on recruitment in place up until the end of June, it is time now for the HSE to clarify whether this recruitment freeze is still in place and when they will be filling posts that they advertised and offered people months ago.

“The HSE can dress it up whatever way they like, but it is still a recruitment freeze. I am still hearing from people from across the country who have been offered jobs but are still waiting in limbo.

“The only way this can be solved is if the HSE are upfront about what is actually going on with recruitment processes. Recruitment needs to be put back in the hands of regional directors who are best placed to access the needs of local areas.

“It is unacceptable that healthcare professionals who have been offered jobs, who may have handed in their notice elsewhere because they were due to start a new job in the HSE that their start date now hangs in the balance.

“People cannot put their lives on hold because of the complete mismanagement of this recruitment embargo. People have mortgages or rent to pay and other living expenses. To be told one week that you have a job offer in the HSE and will be provided with a start date and then told the following week that your start date has been suspended because of the embargo is unacceptable.

“The HSE needs to be upfront with those whose offer dates are now in limbo and tell tell when exactly they will be starting their jobs, if at all.

“This recruitment freeze is ultimately hitting patients. We know for example that maternity posts aren’t being filled for many outpatient services, meaning patients often have no other option but to go private, but many do not have the financial means to do this.

“Today I will be writing to the HSE asking them to be upfront with job applicants and patients as to when jobs will be filled.”

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