Planned hospital for Swords will not help waiting lists

23 July 2019

Duncan Smith, Labour Councillor for Swords, has stated that the new proposed day hospital planned for Swords will be a private hospital and will not assist in tackling the long waiting lists for much needed operations.

Councillor Smith said:

“This announcement is being flagged by local Government representatives as a great new service which will aid the people of Fingal currently languishing on HSE long waiting lists. It will not.

“This is a private company, wishing to build a private hospital, on private land and who view the HSE as a client. Their model would have the HSE purchase their services on behalf of HSE patients. This model aids the continued privatisation and outsourcing of our health service. This is a time when we need to strengthen and invest in our public health services.

“We require a HSE run day hospital as a satellite unit under remit of Beaumont. What is needed as is an increase in capacity at Beaumont itself with further investment in doctors, nurses, health care assistants and support staff.

“I am asking the people of Swords and Fingal to not be fooled by pronouncements about this proposed day hospital. If it does get the go ahead, it will likely be a building the vast majority of us will travel past on our way to an ever under pressure Beaumont hospital.”

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