Corbyn proposal is most realistic alternative to Operation Chaos

18 August 2019

Responding to the report in the Sunday Times today on revelations from the UK Government ‘Yellowhammer’ report about the consequences of a no deal Brexit, Brendan Howlin said:

“This confirms our worst fears for the impact of a no deal Brexit and shows the recklessness of the current strategy being pursued by the British Government that will put a hard border on our island.

“There is an urgent need for an alternative path to come from the House of Commons.

“The proposal from Jeremy Corbyn for a caretaker Government to extend Article 50 and hold a general election is the most realistic means of avoiding the chaos that is outlined today.

“As I’ve said for some time, it is essential that the Irish Government accelerate no deal planning. Central to these preparations and missing to date has been the level of material support available for Ireland from the EU.

“We do not want this outcome. It is not in our interests or those of the people of Northern Ireland and Great Britain, but it appears that the British Government is prepared to proceed with no deal, and we must be ready.”

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