Action needed on insurance cost crisis

11 September 2019

Labour spokesperson on Tourism, Cllr Niall McNelis, says urgent action is needed to address the spiralling insurance costs impacting community events, including the setting up of group insurance schemes.

It comes as a new survey from the State’s Public Participation Networks shows nearly half of community and voluntary groups around Ireland have had to cut back on activities and events due to the rising costs.

Cllr McNelis said:

“Today’s figures once again highlight that the soaring cost of insurance in this country is threatening the viability of hundreds of community events and activities.

“We’ve already seen many community and voluntary groups cut back on events and activities, with many saying they may have to shut down completely if the issue isn’t addressed.

“What is now needed is an industry wide review of the insurance costs that impact these organisations, which includes investigating how much profit insurance companies are making, and to look at the development of pooled or group insurance schemes.

“These events play a vital role in bringing communities together across Ireland and it’s important that steps are taken straight away to ensure they continue to do so.”

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