Free contraception scheme must benefit all not just a chosen few

29 October 2019

Labour Party TD for Limerick City, Jan O’Sullivan has said only providing free contraception to young women aged 17-24 is the wrong approach.

Deputy O’Sullivan said:

“I welcome that a report has finally been produced outlining pathways to providing free contraception in Ireland. However, it is not acceptable that only a certain cohort – women aged 17-24 – would receive free contraception.

“It be would completely unacceptable if Fine Gael were to decide to take the approach that only a certain portion of society should benefit rather than introduce a universal system that would benefit all.

“As a country we can’t just provide free contraceptive pills or condoms and think that we have done a good job. A comprehensive provision of the full range of methods, including long acting reversable contraceptives such as the copper coil and implant, would cost less in the long run than the provision of short-acting methods alone. Evidence suggests that the overall cost to the State would fall year on year as women and girls switch to more reliable and cost-effective methods.

“There is no one-size its all approach to contraception – what works for one person may not work for another. This is our one change to get the provision of contraception right for all women, not just a chosen few and we need to make sure it is done right.”


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