Operation Freeflow- time to get Dublin traffic moving

05 November 2019

Labour Transport spokesperson, Senator Kevin Humphreys, has called for Operation Freeflow to be implemented in Dublin City to deal with the traffic gridlock in the lead up to Christmas.

Senator Humphreys said:

“Anyone who travels through Dublin City either by car, public transport or on the bike will be aware of the dreadful traffic congestion on our roads.

“It is utter chaos at rush hour, but even outside peak times there is heavy traffic.

“This is significantly adding to peoples’ journey times and creating a huge amount of stress for those trying to get in and out of work on a daily basis.

“With Christmas less than eight weeks away, this gridlock will soon be multiplied.

“Quite simply, it is time to bring back Operation Freeflow.

“This Labour Party initiative, first brought in in the 1990s, was designed to ensure that the basic traffic laws are adhered to, such as keeping junctions, bus lanes and yellow boxes clear.

“There are between 600 and 800 Gardai at any given time training in Templemore that could be used to enforce Operation Freeflow.

“This would also ensure busses aren’t getting stuck in unnecessary traffic and help to reduce journey times for commuters.

“It’s a simple move but one that would make a massive difference on the roads.

“It’s time to get Dublin traffic moving.”

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