Gridlock: Traffic cameras needed in bus lanes

12 November 2019

Labour spokesperson on Transport, Senator Kevin Humphreys, has slammed the move by Minister Ross not to legislate to install traffic cameras on bus lanes to fine drivers who use them illegally.

Senator Humphreys said:

“The purpose of the BusConnects scheme is to reduce the number of private cars on our roads by getting drivers out of their cars and onto busses.

“But in order to change commuter behaviour, there needs to be some incentive to leave the car at home in the first place, and clear, car-free bus lanes would go a significant way in providing this.

“It’s also the case that the quickest and most efficient way of administering fines to drivers who continue to use bus lanes illegally is through a traffic camera system.

“However for some reason, Minister Ross has decided to keep these lanes patrolled by our overstretched Gardaí instead.

“This is a waste of Garda time and resources, especially given the number of new Garda recruits has been cut from 800 to 700 in next year’s Budget.

“The Minister should bring forward legislation to allow camera enforcement on our bus lanes, and transfer the administration of these cameras to the NTA, reducing the workload on our Gardaí.

“It’s a commonsense move that would help to significantly reduce the numbers of private cars using bus lanes illegally.”

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