Statement on SF & FG collusion to derail O’Devaney

18 November 2019

“I am absolutely disgusted that SF & FG are colluding to derail struggling families’ opportunity to avail of affordable rental homes on O’Devaney.

“It is in the Minister’s gift to produce an affordable rental scheme that will work to reduce rental costs and takes into consideration the lifetime of the units rather than the loan term – this is possible if he has the will to make it work.

“Despite being the main architects of the decision to tender out to the market, SF now want to go back to the drawing board and waste another 5 years to get to the planning application phase we are current at with this development without any consideration to both the financial & human costs this will incur.

“O’Devaney will deliver 80% social and affordable units if it is allowed and isn’t derailed for purely political point scoring reasons.”

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