Trinity Docks Development must include housing

03 January 2020

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys while welcoming the proposals from Trinity College that would develop a new tech innovation hub at their Grand Canal Dock site, warned that it must include provision for housing.

Senator Humphreys said:

“The proposed Grand Canal Innovation District will support nearly 6,000 jobs according to plans from Trinity College published today. Over the next decade over €1 billion will be invested on a 5.5 acre site that sits at the heart of the docklands.

“With the level of investment planned, and additional jobs that the site will support, it is essential that provision is made in this project for social and affordable housing. This is one of the largest sites in the docklands area, and we must ensure it is sustainable.

“Concentrating thousands of jobs on this site without accommodation would be a flawed plan for our city’s future. While many will commute to work there, we also must ensure we build a community.

“Colocating housing with the jobs of the future is common sense, so I hope that Trinity College will see sense and ensure they provide social and affordable housing on this site. The development proposals are welcome but we must recognise that the heart of the city should also provide housing, and not just jobs.”

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