Apprentice Covid payment needed

Seán Sherlock TD
06 April 2020

Labour TD Seán Sherlock has called for a support payment to be immediately made available to apprentices who have been left high and dry with no income following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Deputy Sherlock said:

“The Government has made available income supports to employees and businesses but some groups such as apprentices have fallen through the cracks.

“The construction industry in particular is all but shut down, and most are now applying for the Covid-19 pandemic unemployment payment.

“I am personally aware of apprentices who have been told that they are not eligible for the Covid-19 payment by their local social welfare office. This is wrong and must be changed. Apprentices need an income to live on.

“The Minister for Social Protection should amend the rules to ensure all those who were working and in apprentice training can receive an income support. Apprentices should not be excluded from social welfare payments, they face the same uncertainty as everyone else.”

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