No exceptions should be made on travel restrictions

27 April 2020

Labour writes to Minister Harris to have public health regulations applied to all visitors to the State

Louth Labour TD Ged Nash has written to the Health Minister Simon Harris urging him to introduce a regulation under the exceptional powers provided to him by the Oireachtas under the amended 1947 Health Act to ensure that the current travel restrictions in place will apply to non-residents of the State.

Deputy Nash said;

“I have been receiving calls all weekend from constituents in Louth who are angered that the strict travel restrictions imposed on all of us as we battle to fight Covis-19 do not apply to those who might decide to visit the Republic from Northern Ireland.

“I have written to Minister Harris today and urged him to take immediate action under the amended 1947 Health Act to address this lacuna.

“The temporary new laws introduced a few weeks ago allow for regulations to be made that would restrict travel to, from or within the State or an affected area by anyone, resident or non-resident.

“The Minister should act now to ensure that all of the restrictions and penalties that apply to the people of Louth and across the Republic apply to anyone from the north who might be thinking of a day-trip south.

“This is in the interests of everyone’s health.”

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