These aren’t the Green jobs people voted for

26 July 2020

Responding to revelations that Green Party Leader and Climate Action Minister Eamon Ryan is to appoint up to eight special advisers, Labour’s public spending spokesperson Ged Nash TD said;

“When people voted Green in large numbers in February, this wasn’t the green jobs boost they had in mind.

“Eamon Ryan will now have almost as many special advisers in his office as the Green Party has TDs. 

“This is an extraordinary way to spend taxpayers money and at a time when businesses and families across the State are tightening their belts.

“Coming on top of the decision last week to change the law to shell out an extra €16,200 and keep all three government parties sweet, this shows once again how out of step this new government is with the needs and concerns of ordinary people up and down the country who are worried about their own jobs and pressures.

“Minister Ryan and the Taoiseach and Tánaiste  need to put the brakes on and stop the Bertie Ahern-era style spending on spin doctors and advisers.”

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