Bacik says all sectors must contribute fairly to meeting climate targets

Ivana Bacik TD
26 July 2022

In advance of tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting, Labour Leader Ivana Bacik TD has called for fairness of approach in government decision-making on the sectoral emissions ceilings.

Deputy Bacik said:

“The Environmental Protection Agency last week reported that Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions rose by almost 5% in 2021. At this rate, we are gravely reducing the chance of meeting our climate targets. We have known since last November when the target ranges were published that every sector would have to play a fair share in cutting emissions in order to achieve the overall 51% reduction enshrined in our climate legislation.

“It is clear from all the evidence that the cuts to be made across the Agriculture sector will have to be at the higher end of the scale proposed – closer to 30% than 22%. And we know that if the Government makes further concessions to Agriculture and does not insist upon moving well above the 22% baseline, more drastic and less achievable emissions cuts will be required from other sectors.

“The Government needs to ensure a Just Transition to support communities who will have to do the most to facilitate the change we need. It must also treat the sectoral emissions targets and carbon budgets with the seriousness needed; negotiations have already been delayed considerably and there is simply no time to delay.”

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