Promised ‘Clery’s Quarter’ remains undelivered

18 October 2022

In advance of an RTÉ Investigates programme on O’Connell Street, Labour Dublin Central Senator Marie Sherlock said the regeneration of the area as promised by developers taking over the Clery’s building remains undelivered.

Without a commitment from Dublin City Council, Government and business interests to renew the area, Senator Sherlock said the local community will continue to be affected by anti-social behaviour.

Senator Sherlock said:

“What other capital city would let such an historic area, an area of great importance to the city community and of great interest to tourists, in the very heart of the city, be exploited by antisocial behaviour? O’Connell Street must be revitalised in a manner which respects its position as the premier street of the capital. That means that it must be redeveloped with respect shown to its historical and cultural importance, not just commercial.

“It must also remain interwoven with its surrounding communities and ensure that it is not only a source of employment but good jobs.

“To this end, I will be seeking in the coming weeks, to reinvigorate the concept of development in the area which places these values at its centre. This will include seeking to engage with the developers of the Clerys Quarter to ensure the deal which was done between the previous owner of the site, trade unions, local elected representatives and community groups, to ensure the development would maximise its benefit to the O’Connell Street area and local communities is implemented in full.”

“I believe this agreement with its associated ‘community benefits’ clauses should establish a benchmark for good development in the O’Connell Street area and elsewhere in our commercial city centres. Dublin City Council along with stakeholders in the community must take firm action and ensure O’Connell Street is developed with respect to its historic, touristic and commercial significance.”

Dublin Central Councillor, Joe Costello said:

“The neglect of O’Connell St and its immediate environs is a national disgrace and neither the local authority nor the Government have shown any sense of urgency about its regeneration over the last half century. This must change.”

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