German study shows potential benefit of Labour €9 public transport ticket for Cork

26 October 2022
Not too late to introduce project to offset costs says Maher & Horgan 


Labour Cllr John Maher and local area rep Peter Horgan have reiterated the potential

Impact that a €9 public transport ticket could have for Cork commuters by reducing costs and encouraging more social interaction,

A new study by the Institute for Transport and Space at the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences shows that the 9-euro ticket has significantly improved access to the transport system and thus the opportunities for people on low incomes to participate in society. The ticket enabled those surveyed to have more social contacts, more activities outside of the home and improved accessibility to services of general interest and thus led to an overall better quality of life for people on low incomes.
Cllr Maher said:
“The Government still retains the option to take a radical yet affordable step by introducing Labour’s €9 Climate Ticket, especially in Cork. We have seen the success in the initial fare reductions and offers for young people. The success of the introduction of Mallow into the Commuter zone, supported by my colleague Sean Sherlock TD, shows a case of “build it and they will come” People will  use public transport that is affordable and reliable. Time for government to deliver
Mr Horgan said:
“It sometimes is, with the powers that be, that it is a chicken and egg scenario. We can’t reduce prices as we don’t have the passengers etc. This would be a bold move that would increase public transport participation and hopefully have a similar social knock on as it did in journey. We cannot be afraid of failure, but we should not shirk success either.

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