Proper long-Covid supports needed for workers and communities

09 November 2022

Labour health and disability spokesperson Duncan Smith has today (Wednesday, 9th November) demanded real action from the Government to make sure people with long Covid don’t face discrimination, cuts in pay and that specialised long-Covid clinics are set up in communities across the country.

Speaking on a Dail motion on long-Covid, Deputy Smith said:

“The reality is that long COVID symptoms are upending people’s lives all over the country. Sufferers are simply not being believed, treated fairly and with respect. The Government seems hell bent on forgetting about those who took great risks to provide care, including hospital cleaners who have been left without their pandemic recognition payment. It is a national scandal and beyond insulting at this stage The very least these people deserve is long-term certainty and security about their employment and income rights, and a guarantee of proper medical care and treatment.”

“The Government and health service employers really need to get their heads together and put in place dedicated care supports, and guarantee that healthcare workers with long COVID won’t face cuts in pay over this long-term, debilitating illness. The HSE has the power to get a grip on this. This is a condition that many people picked up working on the frontline of our health service so their employers must step up and give them the support they need and deserve.”

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