Pressure on local services never an excuse to intimidate and make people feel unwelcome

22 November 2022

Speaking in response to a second protest held outside the former ESB building in East Wall, Labour Senator Marie Sherlock has said that there is never an excuse for holding a protest in an intimidating and demeaning manner designed to drive people out of an area.

Sherlock said:

“The 380 individuals and families who will be housed in the building are already in very vulnerable circumstances, and it is welcome that they can rely on the support and care of our State. The living conditions in the old ESB building will be very far from ideal, but at a minimum basic shelter and supports will be provided.

“Speaking to Minister O’Gorman last Friday when he informed public representatives of the plan, I appealed to the Minister to put the necessary supports in place for these individuals and families, and to address the major shortfall in supports for the wider community.

“The North Inner City needs significant investment to address the shocking gaps in accessing childcare, early years education, GP services and, in particular, therapies and supports for those with disabilities. Many brilliant service providers in the area need far greater support from Government to meet growing demands for their work in recent years.

“It now falls to the Government to give confidence to the local community that they will do everything they can to both support those fleeing from war and conflict, and to break the cycle of local deprivation that has put so many services under strain.”

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