Clerys developers must live up to commitments on good jobs for local community

17 January 2023

Labour Party Workers’ Rights spokesperson, Senator Marie Sherlock, has called on the developers of the new Clerys Quarter to live up to their commitments by ensuring the new commercial centre provides good jobs for workers from the local community and those formerly employed on the site.

Sherlock said: “That the Clerys Quarter will open shortly is something that all those living in Dublin will welcome. Since the closure of the Clerys department store in highly controversial circumstances in June 2015, with the loss of over 400 good quality jobs, the beating heart of our main national thoroughfare O’Connell Street, has been stilled.

“However, the potential of the Clerys site to provide the springboard for the essential regeneration of the O’Connell Street area can only be made a reality if the developers honour the commitments entered into following the long battle for justice by the Clerys workers. These commitments include the provision of good quality employment with priority opportunities offered to workers in the local community and formerly employed at the department store. The deal also provides for worker, elected and community representatives having an input into this process.

“These commitments were part of a ‘community benefits’ deal which the then owners of the Clerys site entered into with Mandate and SIPTU trade unions in March 2017.”

“The current owners of the Clerys Quarter publicly committed to honouring this deal. It is the belief of the Labour Party that the new developers can only live up to these commitments and wider ones concerning workers’ rights and good employment standards which are part of the local area development plan by engaging with community groups and unions immediately on the recruitment of staff.

“Unfortunately, it is my understanding that the developers have not yet met the commitment contained in the Clerys deal to appoint a liaison officer and engage meaningfully with worker and public representatives on these issues. Now is the time for them to do so, so we can all ensure that the positive development for our city of the reopening of this iconic premises can become the start of a new, brighter chapter for the whole O’Connell Street area.”

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