Adult education tutors deserve parity and a fair pay scale

Senator Annie Hoey image
15 February 2023

Labour spokesperson for further education, Annie Hoey has today (Wednesday, 15th February) called on the Government to establish a fair pay scale for all adult education tutors.

Senator Hoey said:

“The union’s call to regularise the employment of Adult Education Tutors (approximately 3,500 nationally) is long overdue. The Government needs to get its act together here. There is a Labour Court recommendation sitting on the shelf and we are demanding that it is fully funded and implemented by the Government and their paymasters in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

“Adult education provides crucial scaffolding, not only to the individual but to the entire community. Adult education goes from teaching basic literacy skills so a person can write a letter all the way to pre-university courses.

“The constant denigration of the sector is an absolute disgrace and the disrespect shown to workers is intolerable. Tutors are forced to sign on the dole every term break. This is no way to run a sector and leaves staff dreading term breaks as they know they will struggle financially. Adult education tutors not knowing if they will have a job for the next academic year is bad for both staff morale and for the continuity of learning for all the students. This needs to change and change now.”

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