Restrictions on abortion wait period must be lifted

Senator Annie Hoey image
29 March 2023
  • Calls for end to 3 day wait period
  • Establishment of an Oireachtas committee would be wasteful

Labour Senator and member of the Oireachtas Health Committee Annie Hoey has demanded immediate publication of the review of Ireland’s abortion law.

Senator Hoey said the foot dragging on reviewing the operation of abortion services in Ireland continues to place an enormous burden on women in crisis pregnancy.

Senator Hoey said:

“It is hugely welcome that the abortion review group is set to recommend a more compassionate approach to the provision of reproductive health in Ireland. However, it is concerning to read reports that an Oireachtas committee may be established on foot of the review – a highly unusual proposal.

“The findings should be discussed, but I cannot think of another healthcare service which is subjected to this much debate.

“The unfortunate reality for so many women in crisis pregnancy is that the current system is simply not working. Take for example the three day wait period. If you are a young woman, or teenager, living in an area without access to abortion services, you have to make two costly trips – one for their initial consultation, and a second to obtain abortion care, for a decision that you have already made.

“This piece of the legislation is entirely unworkable. We must remove the wait period from the legislation and remove the mandatory secondary consultation. Women are more than able to make their own decision on their own.

“The State should not inflict more trauma and stress on women in crisis pregnancy. All evidence points towards the importance of compassion and trusting women to know themselves better than anyone else can.”

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