Prices charged by supermarkets must be reined in

09 May 2023

Labour finance and enterprise spokesperson Ged Nash consumers must be protected from high prices and gross profit taking from supermarkets in the height of a cost of living crisis.

Deputy Nash said:

“Consumers are getting squeezed from every angle – the weekly shop is up, energy prices are up, rents are up but living standards are going down.

“Yes we have a free market and we are always told competition brings prices down, but when the market fails, the State must intervene.

“Fianna Fail recognised this when they legislated for maximum price orders in 2007.

“Consumer rights are not being protected by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party. The attitude from the Taoiseach and various Ministers on the need for those in arrears on energy bills to simply ‘engage’ with providers is simply laughable. It shows the total disconnect between this government and the reality of life for hard working people.

“Bread and butter, eggs and milk, the essentials, are all skyrocketing in prices with most people having to go with less rather than simply spending more.

“Tomorrow, Minister Richmond will host supermarket stakeholders at the Retail Forum, we need to see a clear list of actions coming out of that meeting to alleviate the pressure on working people’s pockets.

“Standards of living are falling in Ireland, despite record tax takes. It’s disgraceful. We need to see a clear pathway out of this with strengthened consumer protection at the heart of any plan.”

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