Irish renters must be vindicated – Govt must legislate now

Ivana Bacik TD
17 May 2023

Commenting about renters’ rights, following the move by the British Government to publish the Renters’ (Reform) Bill, Labour leader and housing spokesperson Ivana Bacik urged Government to progress Labour’s Renters’ Rights Bill to level the playing field for those struggling to rent in Ireland.

Deputy Bacik said:

“It’s not often that we can take legislative inspiration from the Tory Party but the move to bring renters’ rights into the 21st century across the pond must now act as inspiration for the conservative coalition here in Ireland.

“In June 2021, Labour published a Bill to end no fault evictions, and modernise crucial elements of the rental process in Ireland, like ensuring a right to own a pet and to an unfurnished apartment.

“While we are deeply conscious of the fact that almost 12,000 people are living in homelessness, we do believe it is necessary to modernise rental laws whilst also focusing on addressing the systemic catastrophe that is the housing crisis. Government must push for change to better rental terms and conditions for people who are renting, whilst also aggressively pursuing policy to end the scourge that is homelessness.

“A crucial element of Labour’s renters’ rights bill is to set up a rental transparency register here in Ireland. With clear and factual information, renters can be empowered to identify breaches of the Rental Pressure Zone rules. Similarly, it will disincentivise the landlords who are out there making a quick buck and huge profit off the back of the desperate rental situation we have.

“We totally lag behind other countries on renters’ rights. Renters are expected to put up with extortionate rents, evictions at the drop of the hat and many can’t make the place feel like a home. Following the disastrous Government decision to lift the eviction ban, we must now do everything we can to keep renters safely in their home whilst also meaningfully tackling the homelessness crisis.”

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