What else is RTÉ hiding?

04 July 2023

Labour arts, media and workers’ rights spokesperson Marie Sherlock said it’s time for RTÉ to lay all its cards on the table.

Senator Sherlock said:

“There can be no more drip feed of information from RTÉ. I would implore the senior management team to get all their ducks in a row before returning to the Oireachtas this week.

“There is now an existential threat to our national broadcaster, and we cannot allow it to implode on itself.

“News breaking this evening that at least one more barter account is in use in the organisation is shocking for the public and gut wrenching for workers at RTÉ who have fought with management for additional crews and resources.

“Every day something new is breaking from RTÉ. In order to safeguard its future, we need RTÉ to put absolutely everything on the table tomorrow.”

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