Housing crisis goes from bad to worse without any Government response

Senator Annie Hoey image
28 July 2023

Labour Senator Annie Hoey has expressed her concern at the latest homeless report published by the Department of Housing today.

Senator Hoey said:

“There has been an explosion in homelessness since Leo Varadkar resumed his role as Taoiseach. Despite plenty of handwringing and press conferences, the stark reality is over 12,600 people are being failed by the State.

“Despite this record number of people living without a roof over their head, we have yet to see a meaningful response from Government to resolve this social crisis.

“It is appalling that 3,765 children are living in homelessness. 

“The uncertainty, stress and lack of freedom placed on these children as a result will no doubt have significant long-term consequences. That’s why Labour, supported by Focus Ireland, have urged government to progress our Homeless Families Bill to ensure that children are prioritised and protected from entering homelessness.

“The lifting of the eviction ban in April sent a definitive message to renters nationwide – Government are more concerned with keeping private interests on side than protecting those who are squeezed by the housing market.

“Labour has followed the progress of Housing for All closely. Like everyone impacted by the housing crisis, we want it to succeed. However the evidence is it is failing fast. Housing demand far exceeds the targets set by Government, and no recent analysis of the targets has been conducted in light of the updated Census data.

“Government must use the weeks ahead to set out an Emergency Housing for All strategy for the winter, which must include an eviction ban, but also focus on delivering social and affordable homes to speed up supply coming on stream.

“There is an increasing sense across the country that simply nothing is working as it should. Unfortunately, this latest increase in homelessness was entirely predictable – all at a time of full employment. It is disgraceful and it demands radical attention.”

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