Extra Garda hours and deployment of new recruits vital to improving feeling of safety in Dublin city

31 July 2023
  • Government focus must be on tackling causes of thuggery on our streets

Labour Senator Marie Sherlock said:

“Extending the Garda overtime budget and bringing 48 new recruits into the inner city is welcome but the reality is that in the North Central Metropolitan area is that An Garda Síochana is not even running to stand still – they are seeing total decline in numbers as opposed to the expansion that was planned.

“The awful reality is that vicious assault on Talbot street is only one of many incidents and so many women from the inner city, living in the inner city tell me of their own fears of walking around that part of the city.

“It’s important to add that on the same day the American tourist was attacked, a Bolivian Deliveroo rider was stabbed in the course of his work in Temple Bar. There are many other incidents not gaining public attention.

“More boots on the ground will be vital to making the city feel safer but we’ll remain trapped in this vicious cycle of thuggery and incidents unless proper attention is paid to the causes.

“There has be to a response not only from crime prevention but also from social media companies many of whom have their EMEA headquarters right alongside where some of the young persons involved in the thuggery live.

“We need a serious stepping up of the Garda youth diversion programme and there needs to an expansion of the Juvenile Liaison officer team beyond the three JLO officers and Sergeant currently in place in the North Central Metropolitan area.

“Two years ago after the killing of Josh Dunne, we called for the introduction of a knife amnesty or a “surrender and compensation scheme” similar to that in a number of cities in Scotland.

“Ultimately, we need to a hard look at why young lads are falling into a life of boredom, chaos and viciousness. It’s important to say that those serious issues with knife crime and knife carrying has not gone away.

“In addition, we know that the ability to post certain images on social media is fuelling a culture of thuggery and exhibitionism. There are no easy answers here as to what needs to be done, but some of the social media companies needed to be called in and asked to show leadership in addressing this problem.

“An increased Garda presence is absolutely crucial to reassuring Dubliners and all its visitors that it is a safe place to be, however much more substantive action is needed to turn the heads of those intent on creating havoc.”

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