Cost for energy is too high and families are struggling – Alan Kelly TD

24 August 2023
  • Families are struggling with the cost of living
  • Labour calls for Windfall Tax 

Alan Kelly TD, Labour TD for Tipperary, has condemned the high cost of energy in Ireland.

Deputy Kelly said “The cost of energy is out of control. Energy companies have not passed on the lower wholesale prices of energy to retail consumers, and this is putting a huge strain on families across the country. The war in Ukraine is one of the factors driving up the cost of energy, but that the profiteering of energy companies is also to blame. 

“According to figures published by CSO, wholesale electricity prices have now reached their lowest point in 2 years after falling by 64% in the 12 months to July. Yet the decline has not benefited hard-pressed families.

“It is more than 18 months since Labour brought a motion to Dáil Éireann calling for a Windfall Tax on the profits of energy companies, back in January 2022. It’s beyond time that we tax the enormous profits of energy companies and funnel that money back into the economy for the benefit of those who need it most.

“During the 18 months since we called for the introduction of a Windfall Tax, Ireland and the EU have missed a whole year’s opportunity to recoup money from the profits of fossil fuel companies, to help with the essential move to a green economy, and to ease the immense burden of the cost of living for so many households and families.

“The big energy companies are making huge profits at the expense of ordinary people. This is unacceptable, and the Government needs to take action to regulate the market and ensure that consumers are not being ripped off.”


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