Recent developments at Castletown House of deep concern to North Co Kildare communities

12 September 2023

Labour Councillor Angela Feeney has expressed her deep concern about recent developments regarding the Castletown House and Parklands.

Local representatives were informed last Friday September 8th, that by next Friday 15th access to the estate from the M4 motorway will be closed, following disagreements between landowners and the Office of Public Works (OPW) over access to the historic estate in recent days.

Councillor Angela Feeney, Labour representative in Kildare North said:

“Castletown House and Parklands is a vital amenity for the people of north Co Kildare, and it is essential that it remains accessible to all.

“I joined the protesters at Castletown today and fully support them in regaining adequate access to their amenity.

“I totally share the huge concern expressed by the residents in North Kildare about any future development at Castletown House and Parklands. The historical and environmental amenity needs to be protected and enjoyed by the public.

“The closure of the car park at the M4 gate is a huge blow, and the proposed temporary car park at Celbridge Avenue is totally inadequate. It will make it almost impossible for the majority of visitors to get to the estate.

“Celbridge is the third largest town in Kildare and like many of the commuter belt towns of Maynooth and Leixlip, has experienced huge population growth and development without the associated social infrastructure and amenities. Residents depend on having access to the publicly owned green spaces such as Castletown Estate.

“I am calling on the OPW to do everything in its power to secure the future of Castletown House and Parklands. This site is too important to be lost to the community. The outcry from the public shows how strongly they feel about how we protect our public amenities and ensure we retain and cherish our local heritage.”

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