Senator Sherlock slams Government’s hands-off approach to handling care staff

25 September 2023
  • Government urgently needs to act and ensure decent pay & conditions for care workers


Labour’s Workers’ Rights Spokesperson Senator Marie Sherlock has called on the Government to engage with care staff unions following a ballot by three unions for strike action.

Senator Marie Sherlock said:

“It is shocking that care staff have to resort to strike action. It is clear that the Government has not taken the concerns of these essential workers seriously enough.

“This is a clear indication that the Government has shown no real interest in supporting the bodies it has devolved responsibility for disability services, homeless housing provision, etc. This comes following a series of stoppages last year.

“It is also crazy that many care staff do not even get travel and subsistence despite having to travel between patients. This is simply not good enough.

“The Government must now act to resolve this dispute. They must come to the table,  engage with the unions and offer real commitment to improving the pay and conditions of care staff. They must also provide the necessary funding to support the bodies that provide these essential services.

The Government has a responsibility to ensure that care workers are treated fairly and that the bodies that provide these essential services are properly funded. I urge the Government to take action to resolve this dispute and to support care workers.”

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