School bus delay massive upset for families in Kildare

Senator Mark Wall
27 September 2023

Senator Mark Wall has called for urgent action to address the school bus shortage in Kildare, which is impacting on students and their families.

Senator Wall said:

“The lack of school buses in Kildare is a serious problem that is having a real impact on students and their families. Some students are having to travel long distances to get to school, and others are having to miss school altogether. This is simply unacceptable.”

“It is totally unacceptable that we had 5 routes and 2 special routes operating in the 2022 school year which aren’t  operating in 2023 in Kildare. This results in huge stress for parents.

“The Government needs to take immediate steps to address the shortage, one solution could be allowing those over the age of 70 to drive school buses. I’ve spoken to many people over the age of 70 who would be happy to drive school buses on a part-time basis. They have a wealth of experience, and they would be a valuable asset to the school bus system.

“Every year this issue arises and every year the Government wrings its hands, expresses sympathy and waits for parents to become exasperated and give up the fight. I’m calling on the Government to fix the broken school bus transport system.”

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