Government must abolish the sub-minimum wage

Labour Youth
11 October 2023
  • We need equal pay for equal work

Labour Youth have been calling on Government to protect young workers in Ireland and abolish sub-minimum rates of pay in Ireland.The National Executive of Labour Youth said that budget 2024 is a wasted opportunity.

The National Executive said:

“Young people have been omitted from Budget 2024. Government failed to address the issue of the sub-minimum wage. Too many employers are exploiting young people as cheap labour and the Government has ignored this.

“The sub-minimum wage rate currently sees workers below 18 years of age receiving as low as €7.91. This is 70% of the minimum wage. Workers that are 18 years of age are entitled to 80% (€9.04) and 19 years of age to 90% (€10.17). Young workers aged under 20 may be paid as low as €7.91. Despite being legal adults, these workers are being exploited.

“Fine Gael have made a choice in this budget and favoured the better off. There is no real thought or consideration for the students or young workers that need the help to stay in education, help their families or start out on their own. Young people in Ireland are once again left alone in the cost of living crisis. 

“Measures for students were either non-existent or tokenistic. While we support the move to cut fees, the minuscule increase in grant funding falls far short of what is needed. The reality is that this budget will equate to a drop in the ocean in which most students are drowning. 

“Labour Youth condemns the decision by Government yesterday to make no acknowledgement or take any action to protect young workers in Ireland. We don’t need small promises, we need genuine change. This budget is a wasted opportunity. It protects the wealthy, but fails working class citizens and it certainly does not protect young people in Ireland.”

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