We need state-wide measures to End to Scourge of Vacancy & Dereliction

Senator Mark Wall
14 November 2023

Speaking on the Plinth today, Labour’s Senator Mark Wall called for an end to the scourge of vacancy and dereliction ahead of the Labour’s Private Members Motion in the Seanad this Wednesday.

Senator Wall said:
“It is an outrage that in the midst of an acute housing crisis, thousands of homes across our country sit idle, either vacant or derelict. The prevalence of dereliction and vacancy amid a dire housing shortage is a clear failure of government policy.

“Families are struggling to secure suitable accommodation, while properties, which could serve as homes, remain neglected. This issue is not only about housing; it’s about fundamental social responsibility. Every vacant or derelict property represents a missed opportunity to provide a safe and secure home for someone in need.

“Labour calls on the Government to take meaningful action. Government must also invest in local authorities to support them in reclaiming and repurposing derelict buildings for community use.

“This crisis demands urgent attention and real solutions. We urge the Government to collaborate with local councils, housing agencies, and stakeholders to develop a holistic strategy. The time for empty promises and inadequate measures is over.

“Inaction is no longer an option. We need urgent action to tackle dereliction and bring vacant homes back into use. We in Labour have a plan to increase housing supply, reinvigorate our urban centres, and meet our climate targets. We call on the Government to prioritise the needs of the people and take immediate, decisive action to end the scourge of dereliction and provide homes for those in desperate need.”

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