Triple Lock must be protected

Ivana Bacik TD
23 November 2023

Labour Party Leader, Deputy Ivana Bacik, expressed concern in response to the recent announcement that Government plans to end the Triple Lock. 

Deputy Bacik said, 

“Government has no mandate for making any changes to the Triple Lock and certainly not to seek the removal of the requirement for UN approval for Irish peacekeeping missions. 

“There should be no change into the current Triple Lock protections – starting to undermine these would be a dangerous path that has the potential to undermine our longstanding position of military neutrality, a principle which we believe should be enshrined in our Constitution. The government’s attempt to consider amendments to the Triple Lock is unacceptable. It is crucial to note that such alterations lack a mandate.

“Government has failed to address the recruitment and retention crisis in the Defence Forces, we have had report after report and very little real improvement. We need to secure decent pay and conditions for members, and deliver infrastructure to make us less reliant on other countries. Not remove the Triple Lock”

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