Taoiseach’s Figures on Templemore Garda Recruits Completely Inaccurate

29 November 2023

Questioning Garda Commissioner Drew Harris in the Justice Committee today, Labour’s Alan Kelly asked for the exact figure of new entrants into Templemore this year.

Deputy Kelly said:

“Firstly, it’s unbelievable that the Taoiseach and Justice Minister can’t put an exact figure on the number of Gardaí we have. going through the Garda college in Templemore.

“Government expect that “about 700 to 800” will go through training this year, and “800 to 1,000 next year.” That is what the Taoiseach said on the floor of the Dail yesterday. That is wrong.

“After much confusion and hesitation by the Commissioner today, he finally confirmed to me in the Committee that 633 people have entered Templemore to date this year. He did not know off hand. He had to check.

“I understand that there is now an unprecedented move to bring the start date for the next batch of new entrants to December 27/8th this year, rather than early January. We can all see this for what it is. A pathetic attempt by Government to bolster the numbers.

“The real figure for recruitment this year is 663 and this shows the crisis we have when it comes to recruitment in the Gardai.

“It also raises serious questions as to why the Minister for Justice allowed 700-800 be put on the record of the Dail when I presume she knew they were not accurate”.

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