Government rhetoric shows its ignorance in addressing root of crime

05 December 2023

Speaking in the Dáil today, Labour justice spokesperson said Fine Gael and the Government at large have further exposed their ignorance when it comes to justice.

Deputy Ó Ríordáin said:

“There is clearly a classist attitude endemic in Fine Gael. The rhetoric from Fine Gael and its conservative coalition partners in these last 12 days proves that there is no real interest at cabinet in addressing the root causes of crime.

“There is no effort to protect and support young people on the edges. Those who are vulnerable to a drug gang or a hate movement who know what buttons to press.

“It was outrageous to hear some of the language used by Fine Gael in particular after the Dublin riots.

“Disgusting comments like rioters needing a good, honest beating, mooting social welfare deductions, and using the term ‘scumbags’. They should be ashamed of themselves.

“There isn’t a youth worker in the city who doesn’t think that Fine Gael has made their jobs more difficult. We know that Fine Gael wouldn’t dream of calling a tax evading farmer, businessman or banker a scumbag.

“The response to the riots has shone a spotlight on the areas most under strain from this Government’s failures – Community Gardaí who do the most work in building relationships on the ground, and fixing issues before they start. Work that the language used by this Government directly undermines.

“Fine Gael just don’t get justice. At a time when communities were crying out for information and resources, instead, they received insults. The political tone from Government has been counterproductive.”

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